Friday, January 8, 2016

Swing Trader: Illiquid stocks - Purefoods

San Miguel Pure Foods Company Inc (PSEI Stock code: PF) is one of my stock picks for swing trading.


- Under the San Miguel Corp can be good (Conglomorate) and bad(due to debt)
- Known for Monterey, Magnolia, Purefoods hotdogs.
- Have international presence thru Hormel and Super Coffee(SG)
- Products can be seen in SM supermarkets(SMPH), Family Mart (SSI), 7-Eleven, Puregold(PGOLD) and other various groceries stores.
- Worst if all supermarket distribution closed down can be disributed directly to household.
- Filipinos will eat Purefoods anytime of the day with rice.
- Cash dividend

This is not a recommendation

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